motto: "It's not the winning its the taking them apart that counts."

motto in Latin:

Um gonna pol bothia armsun legsov.

Folkestone Junior Chess Club outdooboards

Folkestone Juniors meet fortnightly, Saturdays 10-2pm. Currently we have 2 dozen kids aged 5-11+. It is fortnightly so the kids can have other interests, clubs, go shopping, visit relatives etc...

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times – this is so the club is not used for child minding, so only chess kids are there, which is better for the kids and how they want it. Bring a book to read!


Each Thursday I send out an email to find out who is coming – this is to help get organised.


With new kids I spend the time on the first session finding out how much they know in a 1-1.


Abilities range from brilliant all the way through to amazing and 'mm, that's original' (=your cheating). We have beginners and have had kids who have played for Kent and in Kent Grand Prix and hold our own competitions. All the kids enjoy the game and make progress and most important of all they can all derive confidence from that fact.


The annual membership fee for juniors is £20 and runs to approx. June, so as you can see it is excellent value for money.

Please use the contact page to get in touch. PLEASE send an email first. 

Matthew Cussens


[Matthew Cussens holds a current DRB check dated 14/4/15, which the Sports Centre hold as an electronic file - which will be confirmed on request.]

For the adult chess club please visit: https://folkestonechess.wixsite.com/folkestonechessclub

On 17th March 2018 FJCC hosted Shreyas 'Elvis' Royal, a 9 yo chess wizard - and a gentleman as well. LEFT: Here he is taking the oath and becoming an honoree member of the club. 

Do pawns have horns? Yes they do!

Here he is sharing his ideas and a game with our juniors. A really professional and polished presentation.

He then proceeded to defeat all our juniors - living up to the club motto; its not the winning, its the taking them apart that counts.

THE OATH: I (state your name) do solemnly pledge allegiance to Folkestone Junior Chess Club and will do all that I can it its never ending quest for world domination. Hooray!

Quite taken with the hat there Elvis!

Promoting juniors at the Leas Cliff Hall, May 2016. The tennis club give it a go - insisting on their own umpire - and then their own rules!

The second annual water pistol fight - before the action. Armed to the teeth with any type of contraption.

Take aim. Fire!

Why am I always the target!

After the action. Sadly not everyone survived.

Aagh! Soaked - as always.

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